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27 February 2012

Draw a stickman online and have fun with it

In this blog I will share another cool website where you can draw a stickman online and play with it. You can use this website in your boring time to have fun. Also share this with your friends to show them something new.

As you can see in the above picture I have drawn a stickman and playing with it. The website will allow you to draw different stuff automatically.

Wanna check the site? Go to this Link to check it out

Let it Snow like Google's search trick in winter

In our previous post we told you about the Google's search trick to "do a barrel Roll". In this post We will share with you another cool Google trick.

Follow the step:

1) Just go to

2) Then type - "Let it snow"

3) Wait for couple of seconds to see the effects. So what do you see? An awesome winter surprise for you! Don't forget to wipe the snow by your mouse pointer.

List of some other search tricks are :

1) Search "Do a barrel roll"

2) Search "Askew"

3) Search "Hanukkah"

4) Play pacman in Google -

5) Play angry bird in chrome -

Make fun in internet with funny Google Gravity tricks

Hey, We have already Published couple of Google tricks. Google is really making some cool awesome tricks which makes Google more popular. I recommend you to read this Blog first - "Let it Snow or Do a Barrel roll like search trick "

Now We are going to introduce another awesome trick. The trick is not developed by Google. It is actually a project of
The trick is not new anymore so most of you might know about it. But this could be interesting to those who has not tried it yet.

Google Gravity Trick Process:

1. Go to

2. Type "Google Gravity"

3. Scroll your mouse pointer to the right side of the options "Google gravity" You will find the "I am feeling lucky" button and click "I am feeling lucky" . To get more clear Idea check the picture below:

Or You can directly Go to this link - Click here to enjoy the Gravity show. This is really cool? Isn't it?

You will see all the Google search engine parts falling down and can move freely without any gravity. The most interesting thing is that , you can still use that broken search engine to search whatever you want. The search result will also fall down like without any gravity. When you click the search result you will be redirected to the site.

Funny Math Tricks Called “without 8“

Take a number of digits from 1 to 9 except the digit 8. So the number is 12345679

Now if you multiply the number by 9 the answer will be 111111111 .

Again if you multiply the number by 9×2 (18) the answer will be 222222222

again, if you multiply the number by 9×3 (27) the answer will be 333333333

The whole example :

12345679 x 9 = 111111111

12345679 x 18 = 222222222

12345679 x 27 = 333333333

12345679 x 36 = 444444444

12345679 x 45 = 555555555

12345679 x 54 = 666666666

12345679 x 63 = 777777777

12345679 x 72 = 888888888

12345679 x 81 = 999999999

I hope you will enjoy the trick, remember math is fun when you know how to play with it

Funny Math Tricks and Tips for Multiplication

In this post I will show few funny multiplication process by which you can prove yourself better then a calculator.

I often use these tricks to prove myself good in math’s although i am a very bad in mathematics. You can challenge your friends that you are better than a normal calculator. How? just follow the process

Tell your friend to calculate 111111111 x 111111111 with the help of his calculator.

Your friend will find the result too large to be calculated by a calculator. Now you can surprise him by givin the answer. The answer will be 12345678987654321

How can you calculate: When you multiply by the same number of 1’s in both side then just count the 1’s in 1 side. For example, in the multiplication 111111111×111111111 we have 9, 1’s in each side. So type or write from 1 to 9 (123456789) . After typing 9 then start writing from the reverse (87654321). So inaggregate the answer will be 12345678987654321 .


11 x 11 = 121

111 x 111 = 12321

1111 x 1111= 1234321

11111 x 11111 = 123454321

111111 x 111111= 12345654321

1111111 x 1111111= 1234567654321

11111111 x 11111111= 123456787654321

111111111 x 111111111= 12345678987654321

I hope you will understand the tricks from the example

Watch Star wars Movie in your PC

Do you know you can watch Star wars Text movie from your computer. To watch it click the start button then click Run .Type telnet in run. You will find DOS black screen. in the black screen of Dos , type o and click enter and again type and click enter . That's it, the text movie will begin, wait for few seconds and enjoy it

Microsoft word tricks

Just open your microsoft word and then type=Rand(200,99) then press enter. Enjoy the magic

Super Desktop pranks

Take a screen shot of your desktop (by clickingSysRq button) and then paste the image to paint and save it as Jpeg imageformat . Then open the image of your desktop and make it your desktop wallpaper. Now hide all the icons from your desktop (Right click > arrange icons by > Hide desktop icon) . Also unlock the taskbar. Now your desktop will look like exactly same like before but everyone will be fooled whenever they try to click any icon. You can do this trick on your friends computer and enjoy the fun show

Folder Without Name

do you know how to make a folder without a name? is it possible? oh yea it is possible. just try it out..
# Click the folder, then right click on it, then click rename and delte the old name.
# Then pressing ALT button from your keyboard and type 0160 after that press enter.
Important think to notice - you have to type by holding the ALT button, don't stop pressing and while you will type 0160 it will not appear.You should continue typing and then press enter. Another important thing is that you have to type the code (0160) by your numpad. If you type the code from the upper number key it won't work. So, make sure your Numpad key is on.

Browser Shaking

This is a fun little trick that can create a shaking screen on your web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, etc..)

The trick is simply a small Java Script that causes your browser window to move to different positions, causing a shake of your entire screen. It's kind of cool to watch and see what Java Script can do! Try it out..

Use this trick at your own risk.

Here's how:
Copy this entire line and paste it onto

1 February 2012

"Do a Barrel roll" Google's new Search trick for Fun

Google is the dominant search engine. More than 90% users are using Google. Yahoo and Bing is not even close to Google. There main reason behind this immense popularity. Google not only providing good search results but also offering different kinds of funny tricks to satisfy it's user. We have seen many beautiful Google Doodle. One of the best Google Doodle is Les Pauls Guitar.

Now beside Doodle , You can Have fun in Google search too.

Lets try the latest Funny Google Trick. Just go to Google

* Type "DO A BARREL ROLL" in the search Bar.

Enjoy the magic ;)